Community Court

SideWalk is proud to be a partnering provider of the Olympia Community Court. This court serves as an alternative to the criminal justice system, preventing people accused of minor crimes from being unnecessarily thrown in jail and prison. Charges that are eligible to take advantage of this program include unsanctioned camping, littering, certain types of trespassing, and most forms of disorderly conduct - all charges commonly imposed on people experiencing homelessness who have nowhere else to go but the streets.

If ordered by Community Court, you may be directed to meet with a SideWalk volunteer as part of your agreed-upon plan accepted by the Court.. Although the place and circumstances might be different, your SideWalk volunteer will work with you just the same as any other participant. Your SideWalk volunteer at Community Court will work together with you to create plans to escape the streets.

In between your court-ordered visits, you’ll search for a new home. When you’re ready, your SideWalk volunteer will go over the finances, and offer financial assistance to help you move in.

You deserve a safe place to call home.