Community Court

SideWalk is one of many Community Partners that offer services at the Community Court Provider building located at 909 8th Ave SE next to the Lee Creighton Justice Center 900 Plum St. SE. Walk-in clients and court defendants are welcome to see SideWalk for housing issues, intake, VI assessment and Housing Navigation.

Currently SW is a link for defendants of Community Court as a requirement of opting into the program. Those defendants that are identified as homeless and sometimes at risk of becoming homeless are referred to SW advocate on site. After seeing the defendant a short plan is written up and shared with attorney and judge. If SW assists the defendant in seeking housing their case is followed by court ordered check-in schedule until placed in housing or until they graduate from court program.

Sometimes SW refers defendant (or client) to other service partners in the building or in the community. Recently all services at CC Provider building have been opened up to walk-ins on Wednesday, weekly. Also in the near future there may be an additional service day and court day added for mental health/homeless defendants.