Every individual comes to us with unique life challenges to be addressed.  Our goal is to assist people in meeting their challenges.

Housing Services

Participants meet with a CE navigator to assess their current situation and receive guidance on searching for housing opportunities.  Navigation assessments involve listening to clients and their needs, giving referrals to other services, and when appropriate giving clients needed paperwork to take to a perspective landlord.  We see the housing process as a team process: the client finds the housing opportunity and SideWalk assists to solve the funding need.


Diversion & Rapid Rehousing

SideWalk's diversion program aims to get participants off the streets as quickly as possible diverting them from the homeless housing system. The diversion program will offer eligible adults incentive funding for a 30 day stay or a rental assistance to get permanently housed.

To be eligible for Diversion, participants:

  • Must be experiencing literal homelessness.
    • (sleeping outdoors, in a car or shelter)
  • Must be homeless, childless adult over the age of 21.
  • Income - Must be less than $1338 per month for one person, or combined income less than $1529 for two people (30% Area Median Income)

SideWalk's Rapid Rehousing (RRH) program is reserved for the most vulnerable adults living without homes in Thurston County. This program is designed to work closely with community partners to identify participants in need and guiding them to find supportive, affordable housing. RRH funds are dedicated to secure housing and provide ongoing financial assistance to assure stability. Partners are mobilized to provide ongoing services to enhance the members quality of life and meet their needs.

To be eligible for the RRH program, participants must meet the criteria listed above AND be determined to be highly vulnerable on the Vulnerability Index - Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (VI-SPDAT).