SideWalk serves adults without children, over age 24, who are experiencing homelessness in Thurston County, Washington. As the Coordinated Entry organization for adults without children, we are your first and only stop for getting help with housing. If you are a youth or family with children, we will connect you to the appropriate Coordinated Entry organization that is better suited to meet your needs when we meet you.

SideWalk serves persons with income up to 30% of the Area Median Income. In 2018, this is $1337 per month for a single person or $1554 per month for a two person household. If you do not have an income, SideWalk will connect you to resources to find employment or other income.

Due to limited resources, SideWalk currently serves only people who are currently homeless. (Click here to see how this is defined)


SideWalk generally meets with all participants at the Providence Community Care Center (225 State St. NE in Downtown Olympia). It is at the corner of State Avenue and Franklin Street, across from the Olympia Transit Center. If you cannot meet with us at the Center for whatever reason, please call us at 360-515-5587 to discuss other options.

SideWalk volunteers are available at the Community Care Center every Monday through Thursday from 10:00am to 2:00pm. When you arrive, please tell the front desk that you would like to meet with SideWalk.

SideWalk meets with veterans at the Lacey Veterans Services Hub. click here for more information on the hub


SHELTER DIVERSION - If you know someone who you can stay with in Thurston County, SideWalk can offer that person a small, one-time payment to cover your living expenses, such as additional groceries and utilities, while you stay with them.

SHELTER PLACEMENT - SideWalk runs the waiting lists for certain homeless shelters in Olympia. Due to limited resources, please know that the waiting lists are very long. We run the waiting lists similar to a hospital emergency room - although all people on the streets need shelter, we prioritize based on vulnerability.  Click here to learn more about what shelters we do and don't provide placement for

RAPID REHOUSING - If you find a place to rent in Thurston County, SideWalk can pay short term rental assistance to help you move into your new home. SideWalk can pay application fees and deposits as well. The amount we can pay varies on a case-by-case basis.

TRANSPORTATION - If you know someone you can stay with who is not in Thurston County, SideWalk can pay for basic transportation to stay with that person. We will ask for additional verification before we issue transportation.


If you are a youth under the age of 24 experiencing homelessness, you may contact Community Youth Services by telephone at 360-943-0780, extension 186, or online at http://www.communityyouthservices.org/. Community Youth Services meets with youth at Rosie’s Place, 520 Pear Street SE, one block uphill from the Jack-In-The-Box in Downtown Olympia.

If you are a family with children experiencing homelessness, you may contact the Family Support Center of South Sound by telephone at 360-754-9297 or online at http://www.fscss.org/. The Family Support Center meets with families at its office at 201 Capitol Way N, at the corner of State Avenue and Capitol Way in Downtown Olympia.

If you are fleeing domestic violence, you may contact SafePlace Olympia by telephone at 360-754-6300. You may contact them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SideWalk does not offer utility assistance, food assistance, or clothing.  Please Click Here to find these services.